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Jan 17, 2013 7:00am PST
-2014 proposed budget. as well as the you see budget. brown attended the uc regents' meeting yesterday to press the university system to expand on-line education to make college more affordable. he was also on hand at san jose state university on tuesday, when school officials announced a pilot program to offer entry level, low-cost class as for college credit. >> you're not the state's secretary-general ban ki- moon will deliver a speech today at stanford. he will talk about how the un can create opportunities form transitions in world affairs. the secretary general's speech is to focus on " the you answer a role in creating opportunities out of challenges posted by today's rapidly transitioning world ". tickets for today's speech are also out but it will be live streamed through stanford's web site. >> a man accused of a brutal rape during home invasion last weekend in san francisco's telegraph hill neighborhood was ordered and held on a five million- dollar bail prepared jovan jones faces nine felony counts including rape, robbery and burglary with the intent to commit sex
Jan 18, 2013 7:00am PST
. you can see by lunchtime light blue starts to fill in for the immediate bay area. >> agreed uc indicates where we are climbing to the '60s. certainly will be designed to be outdoors. >> the temperatures are feeling like springtime in the middle of january. >> by 8:00 p.m. a mixed bag up upper '40's low 50s. >> temperatures running just a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. los gatos 66. the site for campbell. 65 in santa clara. the east bay will not provide as much work as a south bay but it is mild when you keep in mind it is january. >> 61 for pleasanton. 63 in union city. north bay a mixed bag of 60s. >> downtown san francisco an afternoon high of 61. 59 for daly city and 63 expected in san bruno. >> we have a beach hazard statement going into effect later this afternoon at a high surf advisory from saturday to sunday. >> for those of you going to be, have long they to enjoy the surf competition expect sunshine, clear skies, tippers in the mid-60s for sunday. >> today's well from the rest are 4 to 5 ft. they could get up to 20 ft. on sunday--swells. >> your kron 4 7 day
Jan 16, 2013 7:00am PST
is trapped between the front wall uc which is the parking structure and is 20 concrete cinderblock wall. she is alert and they are talking to her. she fell around 330 this morning and has been wedged ever since. we'll keep watching this rescue as it is in going on for several more hours throughout the morning. it looks like they finally see her and they're getting ready to pull her out. >> authorities are taking steps against attractive distracted driving to this guy is now. authoriin new s f a proposal is aimed at prohibiting airline pilots from using personal electronic at any time during a flight. current yules rules bar the use of any gadgets only during critical phases of flight takeoff and landing. the new plan is a direct result of recent airline incidents involving distractions from electronics and computers and telephones. when the infamous 2009 and that involved a distracted northwest crew who oversaw at their destination by 150 mi.. >> numbers released by the pentagon chose suicide the military are on the rise. 349 u.s. service members committed suicide last year despite
Jan 8, 2013 7:00am PST
that can prove fatal. >> who has the worst commute and the bay area? uc- berkeley and m i t researchers studied that filed a small group of drivers making bay area freeway . >> miserable for the rest of us. they are from " south the san jose, hayward dublin san rafael and san ramon. here is a live look at the san jose traffic camera. we are not saying that these commuters are slow or bad drivers. instead, they come from a few outlying neighborhoods and travel long distances altogether in the same direction like schools of fish. if that means that there are clogging up not only the roles they drive on but also everyone else's. the study's authors anonymously tracked more than 350,000 bay area drivers using their cell phone and gps signals--that is the first time that this has been done. caltrans and local transportation officials are not revealing the results and they do plan to incorporate simple measures such as additional me realize to spread out the volume of drivers. >> >> welcome back. we continue to monitor the hot spots. we will start at interstate 80 in the westbound
Jan 25, 2013 7:00am PST
a lot of activity through the bay area. >> a uc-davis chemistry researcher who was injured in an explosion last week is in charge with 10 counts of possessing firearms and explosives. 32 year-old david snyder pleaded not guilty in yellow county. one of his defense attorneys said her client had the materials for research and was not intending to build a bomb. prosecutors and investigators found liquid and solid its lows of materials and devices to detonate them and an apartment. >> welcome back but late in the commute we have a hot spot vehicle fire. some of the plastic on the vehicle actually melted and has been, attached to the pavement and they're having a hard time putting it out 1 01 at north brokaw road attested to 80, 1 01 interchange. the bart on 1 01 northbound to interstate 280, take the guadalupe parkway north from 280 and goes straight up to 1 01 or connect with 880 and get around the back up that way. late delays for the commute with the back up on 1 01 for san jose. otherwise a good area around the bay as we go to the bay bridge meeting lights are off for about an ho
Jan 1, 2013 7:00am PST
san francisco minimum-wage has increased every year since 2004. uc-berkeley says that this does not have much impact on jobs or stop employers from operating in san francisco. also, restaurants can increase costs. rising 6.2%. and 1.8 per i% for sit-down restaurants. >> starting today. p-g-and-e natural gas rates for residential customers will decrease significantly but electric rates will rise slightly. average gas rates for residential customers will drop nearly 6 percent. however, electricity rates will rise about 2 percent over last year. p-g-and-e says natural gas rates are falling because wholesale costs have declined. meanwhile, electricity rates are rising because of pg&e's costs to maintain and modernize its electricity system. we will be right back. this live look over the bay bridge. a nice day a little bit breezy but it should be nice. >>> number eight ranked stanford will face the wisconsin badgers in the rose bowl newsstanford won the pac-12 title to advance to their third straight b-c- s bowl. this is wisconsin's third straight trip to the rose bowl. kickoff is at two
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6